Fiumicino to Roma Termini. If flying in from within the Schengen Area on a fun airline like easyJet, there is free/mandatory bus ride from the airplane [which will stop in a seemingly random location short of any actual gate] to a drop-off area that is surprisingly efficient. Follow the signs and lots of stairs to the train station.

  • Buy a ticket from a ticket machine for 14€.
  • Validate the ticket just before walking onto the platform.
  • Board The Leonardo Express [yes, really].

Buying public transit day passes

After exiting the train you want to get your public transport [1, 2, or 3 day] pass. Which ticket machine do you get these at? The new, bright, shiny and inviting machines? NO. Those are for the train that will get you to-from the airport and to other cities in Italy. There are tons of these lining the walls & in rows similar to Vegas slot machines. They do not sell Metro tickets

  • Exit Roma Termini near the large taxi & bus staging area.
  • Find the metro sign and walk down the stairs into the station to find the proper ticket machines for public transport. They will be old beat-down white vending machines. They will also be mostly out-of-order, not taking credit cards or bills, and generally surrounded by a crowd of people trying to figure out why they cant get a ticket.
  • Move past those and around the corner to a newspaper/snack shop and buy a pass from the person there.

Rome is an incredible city to walk; my day pass was only used once to get from Roma Termini to Vatican City on bus 64.

Validating the day pass

Validate the ticket. Its the yellow box toward the center of the bus. It is not conveniently placed at the front. Just walk on and move to the middle to find the small machine and insert the pass. The driver will not acknowledge your existence anyway.

Notable things

Need a restroom while at Roma Termini? It’s gonna cost you, literally. Guess this is one of the many quirks features of traveling in Europe by train. Yes, I still remember you hostile-bathroom-guard at Gare du Nord. As for the rest of Rome’s toilet situation, well, expect an adventure.