Dublin Airport to City Centre. Save the headache of figuring out the LEAP card and spend 10€ on the round trip express bus 747. Find a seat on the upper deck and enjoy the ride. Most things will be in or around the City Centre. Dublin is very walkable + the transit rates/zones/routes is rather discombobulating. The LEAP visitors card may be a good option; just make sure the buses you want to take are actually a part of the unlimited travel on any public transport you chose…

Connecting flights - Side note

Flying internationally into Dublin and then connecting on a non-AerLingus flight? Give yourself more than one hour between flights to clear customs just to walk from terminal 2 to terminal 1. After this security point, walk out of the luggage area and hug the wall to the left into the walkway connecting the terminals. Find the proper ticket counter to get boarding pass/check in etc and make your way to more security check points.