Schiphol to Amsterdam Central. Yes, you were just dropped into the center of a huge shopping mall after clearing customs. No, you are not going the wrong way - keep following the train signs. Head to the train station ticket counter for an OV-chipkaart. The airport itself has its own library & museum - making it one of my favorite airports ever.

Check-in && out

Once you have a chip card CHECK IN on the yellow post before heading down to the train platform. Might also want to pay attention when trying to CHECK OUT; or enjoy your walk to Amsterdam Central the next day to find out why you card is not working. [hint: That 4€ train ride yesterday from the airport just got upgraded to 20€ - scanning the card at the correct chip-reader is kinda important] You can get this refunded once a year by calling their customer service number. .if you are fluent in Dutch.

Something different

Need more excitement? For the extreme sports enthusiast out there looking for an adventure, rent a fixed-gear bike and only use that to get around town. Do you enjoy mental stimulation and challenges? Park your rented bike at the 3-story bike parking garage then try to find it the next day without the help of photos.